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humanitarian aid into the country. we'll examine iran's role in syria and on the nuclear agreement later in the program. >> ifill: anti-government protesters in thailand tried today to shut down bangkok. they want to derail elections set for next month, and force prime minister yingluck shinawatra from office. the protesters seized key intersections in the heart of the capital, blowing whistles, waving flags and even spreading out picnics. but, they insisted, they won't go away >> ( translated ): whoever is thinking about negotiations, compromise, hoping for a win-win situation, a win for both sides; i tell you now there is no win- win, there can only be one winner. either i win or you win! >> ifill: for the most part, police did not interfere with the protesters. >> ifill: the supreme court today refused to hear arizona's bid to revive a ban on most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. a lower court struck down the ban last year. the justices also heard arguments over presidential recess appointments. the fight centers on president obama's nominees to the national labor relations boa
amidst continued violence between rebels in northern syria. activists say the al qaeda- linked, state of iraq and the to 100 has executed up fighters from another al qaeda group. the syrian observatory for human rights said the rebel infighting is left over 700 people dead in just over a week. the syrian government meanwhile has begun a new offensive to retake the key strategic city of aleppo. on sunday, the head of the international committee of the red cross met with syrian officials to discuss the delivery of aid to civilians trapped by the fighting. >> we are worried because of the and of access to people particularly hot areas in syria, and we are worried because of the impact of the conflict of the saline population, we are worried about the war wounded in this country but we are also increasingut the disintegration and problem of the health system. >> dozens of people were killed in iraq over the weekend amidst continued standoff between government forces and sunni .ilitants in anbar province government forces have yet to retake parts of ramadi and falluja for militants. former
have been meeting in paris, discussing next week's peace talks for syria. the geneva ii talks should bring together this -- the opposition and the regime. >> on a visit to lebanon, iran's -- er the iranian government announced the foreign would visit moscow this thursday to discuss its nuclear program and the war in syria. the u.n. and arab league envoy, the u.s. and russia met in paris this monday ahead of the planned peace talks in nine days' time. iran's art is a patient is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al-assad -- iran's participation is a sticking point. the country has long supported syrian president bashar al- assad. >> iran is a very important country in the region. it has to be present at a conference like this. >> but for u.s. secretary of state john kerry, he says iran is only welcome if it agrees to the geneva i communiquÉ that stipulates the need for a transitional government that suits both sides. for the u.s., that means without bashar al-assad. for russia, that shouldn't be a precondition. >> but iran has yet to state whethe
. >> the u.s. and russia are calling for a cease-fire in parts of syria. >> a wider cease-fire is seen as unrealistic as the complex become more complex than ever, with infighting on the rebels side of big start of the story -- part of the story. >> for civilians, any progress cannot come soon enough. >> at this refugee camp on the turkish border, there are tents as far as the eye can see. 30,000 syrians have made the journey here. many lack the will to continue. >> we are praying that we die so that we can move away from the hunger and poverty. we do not even have any clothes. my children spent one week without water or food and no one pays attention. >> russia and the u.s. made a joint call for cease-fires in some areas of syria head of the geneva peace talks later this month. >> today we talked about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire. maybe a localized cease-fire. we have both agreed to try to work to see if that can be achieved. >> john kerry and his russian counterpart discussed the possible -- possible prisoner exchange and opening of humanitarian corridors. >>
. >>> could be a step to peace in syria. humanitarian aid into some parts of the war torn country. this comes as secretary of state john kerry and diplomats of other countries met in paris to discuss a peace conference scheduled for next week in switzerland. those discussions come as the fighting gets even more brutal, if you can imagine that. al jazeera's andy gallagher has more. >> if the reports from syria are why correct, the insurgent from i.s.i.l. are gaining ground. another report claims 100 rebel fighters were killed by the i.s.i.l, handed over weapons and key positions. in fighting between the i.s.i.l. and rebel groups has intensified over the last few days with some reports suggesting 500 people have died during vicious fighting. situation on the ground is already a complex one but if the i.s.i.l. have gained control of key cities it puts the strain on already tense negotiations. western nations are encouraging all sides in the conflict to come together for peace talks later this month in switzerland and the i.s.i.l. reported gains could make that harder. meanwhile in the eastern co
mentioned there's now the largest strip of al qaeda controlled inert its history, from syria, fallujah, iraq so al qaeda is resurging, so your seeing a foreign policy drop and his legacy does not look like it's going to be good. >> something that robert gates pointed out in a book, -- he didn't stand by the mission when it came to afghanistan. the president has for the first time responded to those charges. we are told, and that tape should be coming in very shortly in the next minute or so. but, jamie, that will be a big problem with the president? disspelling that's folks' notion that robert gates has it right. >> robert gates has a lot of credibility on both sides of the aisle in this town. the president kept him because he thought he was an effective defense secretary as a holdover from the bush administration. that doesn't happen very often. now him coming out and criticizing the president's passion for sending the troops into battle with not maybe believing it can be won, that's a serious critique. >> and a critique the president did answer a few minutes anything white house. let's lis
about that. it places like syria and lebanon created as stabilizing role in many of these countries. i do not have a comment on prime minister sharif's visit. obviously he has been part of the nuclear negotiations. more on iran? anything else on iran? ok, lucas. then i will go back to you on iran. have said they will continue to enrich beyond 20% and kill the chamber transit line. is that in keeping with the spirit? >> the current status of iran's nuclear program -- including specifically its nuclear program and the reactor -- regardless of what they do between now and then, they will halt production of 20% enriched uranium. they will start to dilute half of the 20% enriched uranium and to a form notst suitable for further enrichment. at the end of the six months, they will have completed the dilution of 20% enriched uranium or converted. regardless what they do between now and then, if at the end of six months if they are faithful to their commitment, they will have completed the dilution of 20% of the stock of about -- stockpile of enriched uranium. >> do you think this is equivalent
the extremist militants in cold and quiet of the college's games in the civil war in neighboring syria have tried to position themselves as champions of iraqi sunnis angry at the shiite led government says what they see as efforts to marginalize and many of fighting under the banner of the islamic state of iraq and that of homes two minutes and sell trying to build an islamic . syria iraq and lebanon. the group is just one of a number which has taken advantage of the scale is unleashed by the syrians have the will to advance their agenda. you do this to me is we have you seen the eye is open to this especially. that is all the good in it because it cooled off of it. at that since i've been given to me that is the limit states in two thousand and eleven and iraq as well as the beginning of the uprising in the city as it did the interest groups on both side to see in the cia and dia de. and then even a fool or idea that these teams as good as it possible that the office to obtain an estimate of the vote in this technique tuesday. this is why we are seeing today called traditional slow slow sl
. >> focused talks on syria is expected to be held in switzerland later this month. >> the government rebel forces say a cease fire would be signed if they were freed. a u.s. special envoy and other mediators continue to try to broker a deal in neighboring ethiopia. >>> senator john mccain showed his support of the journalists in egypt. producers mohamed fahmy, baher mohamed, and peter greste, al jazeera says the allegations are fabricated and is demanding their release. the other two journalists are from our are th sister channel. they have been detained for five months now. >>> first day of the international car show in detroit. aask may make sense to folks who are involved in trophy hunting, but >> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bu
the initiative that race also. he won the deep water in the upcoming geneva to conference on syria amid a slight shift of washington's stance. brush any last second bike makes tehran's present and real prospect with the us saying it would under certain conditions. britain's prime minister is accused of bribing local authorities. a woolworths pics to come over so cracking in their areas with a cash incentive to sweeten the deal. muslim riots take a leap forward in germany a week here people's concerns about spreading islamization at a cost to other faiths. you want the mosque at whitney rejection. welcome to the program. the peace conference on syria can be laid any longer and must happen at the end of the month. that's the joint message from russia the us and eu after talks in paris for the main challenge is convincing the syrian opposition to take part as a group still has been given a definitive answer. you are does not have been following the discussions in france well one of the first things that were thrown from the us secretary of state does that russia. the us and un are completely on the
after the ship ran aground. >> it's just nine days until a summit to try and end the fighting in syria. it's still not known whether the internationally recognized opposition group will attend, and, inside syria, al qaeda linked fighters are the ones making gains now. there's also disagreement among the terms, iran should attend but now at a meeting in paris, u.s. and russia have come up with some goodwill gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to create humanitarian corridors and ease the flow of aid to areas most affected by fighting. they also want a cease fire around aleppo, the heaviest city focus of fighting lately. pushing for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's hear more on that question of iran's attendance to geneva, continues to cause friction between u.s. and russia. here is what their envoys had to say. >> we would welcome their participation if iran is coming for the purposes of participating in the conference. that is not a matter of ideology. but practicality. if they are going to participate for the purpose of the goal
that there is something happening behind the scenes with negotiating with syria or keeping iraq safe or something in afghanistan. does anything make sense to you there? >> i have no idea. what makes sense to me, they tried to isolate the issue of nuclear progress, and trying to say that everything else has to be put on the side so long as we have even the chance that we will get an agreement with iran. they are disregarding iran and syria, iran with hesbollah, and iran in barain and iran in yemen. and it is wishful thinking and may turn out to be correct but i doubt it. >> come to the u.s. congress, it doesn't matter whether it is republican or democrat. i mean, it is an effort underway in congress to it make sure that sanctions stay where they are or more sanctions are applied. and now you have the president who threatened to veto if that crosses his desk. will we reach that point, do you believe, sir? >> i hope not. i hope that the president reads what comes to his desk. for him to say he will veto anything related to sanctions is a mistake. he is look at what congress gives him. if congress gi
. he won the deep water in the upcoming geneva to conference on syria amid a slight shift of washington's stance. brush any last second bike makes tehran's present and real prospect with the us saying it would under certain
of our relationship with iran in terms of iran's dealings with bahrain, yemen and certainly in syria. is there any reason for optimism that there should be in new cooperation going forward between these two on the issues? >> yes, but it's limited. so the administration has done a good job of walling off the nuclear issue from all of the rest of the very long list of issues with iran. but they have sort of tant talizing offered the idea, if this goes well, then all kinds of other things might be possible, starting with just a better baseline u.s./iranian relationship, that could have beneficial effects on all sorts of other things. they've tried really, really hard and the congressional opposition is part of the reason why, to keep this issue separate. look, let's just deal with the iranian thing on its merits, one thing at a time. >> i want to ask you with the backdrop of ariel sharon being buried in israel, to get a sense of what the u.s. does to reassure israel but also as i ask that to get your sense as someone who dealt closely with him, how will history remember this man? >> the
. let's say an american is killed in syria by an al-qaeda affiliate. this is a public event, so the notion that somehow there's this realm of classified data which prevents us -- that's an analog about the drones, right? drones are public events. >> but actually, i would counter that, and as much as it's a painful tragedy anytime an american is killed anywhere in the world and someone who travels and has family members who travel, it's something that concerns me greatly, when did one american getting killed somewhere be a reason for our country to go to war? is that the definition of war that we as a society want? and if it's not, then you have to base your judgment of of groups on something other than they killed one american because, and then that means that they're trying to do what al-qaeda was trying to do in 2001 and collapse u.s. society. and, you know, lashkar-e-taiba is a great example of that, a nasty group that nobody should have any sympathy for that definitely would like to do harm on any americans it could easily get its hands on. but do we have any evidence that t
exchanges sending aid and ultimately a cease-fire to end the fighting in syria. >>> and taps are opening again in some parts of west virginia. the state is allowing residents to flush tainted water in their plumbing. the ban was in place since thursday after spills from a chemical storage tank. >>> dignitaries around the world are in israel paying their respect for former prime minister ariel sharon. the political leader decide said after spending eight years in a coma. nick, i want to get to the memorial service, of course, but first there have been rocket attacks out of gaza today. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, stephanie we're here at sharon's ranch eight miles from the board of gaza, and this afternoon the funeral procession left at 4:00. 20 or 30 minutes after that two rockets came over the border from gaza and landed five or six miles here according to the israeli military. in response to that the israeli military, the israeli have attacked gaza. two sides inside gaza, two empty training camps have been attacked. so those rockets sit in an empty field in israel, and i
. >>> in syria, activists say close to 700 people have been killed this month alone in fierce fighting between rebel groups. that death toll does not include violence involving the syrian military. it's due to the growing in-fighting between the al-qaeda affiliate and other islamic and rebel groups. this comes as foreign ministers, including secretary of state, john kerry, gathered in paris to discuss the crisis in syria. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a ceasefire. maybe a localized cease fire, beginning with aleppo. and both of us have agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. the opposition has already agreed that if the assad regime were willing to declare that, they would live up to it. and they're prepared to do that. >> the main goal, of course, of the talks was to try to get the syrian opposition to attend a peace con oh conference in general novembera but they are divided and will announce a decision a couple days from now. >>> and a political soap opera playing out in france. the country's first lady who lives with but isn't married to pr
at iraq and syria, you see and al qaeda enclave there. it is very dangerous to american national security, not to mention what is happening in syria, where again, the united states is disengaged. thank god for the saudi's, we are starting to see a reversal there, thank god. speak first about the detail they are going there for u.s. aid to be brought back there. what is your take? guest: we heard from the white house yesterday that the u.s. is doubling its double might outreach to malik he and its offers of assistance in terms of intelligence, technical support and military equipment to try to bolster iraq's ability to deal with the threat from al qaeda. is pressingration melekeok and this issue. senator mccain is right in that the key issue is malik he and getting him to renew his outreach to the sunni community to pursue a no kidding reconciliation effort, which frankly, he hasn't done during his time in office. where i would differ with senator mccain is a little bit of history. president sought an agreement to keep some number of u.s. forces in iraq. i was very much a part of that proc
fighting between rival anti government groups in syria has left almost seven hundred people dead this month. forces loyal to president bush are all outside are trying to take advantage of the divisions among t opposition new the members of the major opposition sports have been battling get the geese to al qaeda affiliate fighters in the northern city of fallible and elsewhere. the british human rights group says six entered ninety seven people have died in a gunfight and suicide attacks by islamist extremists. it says one of its civilians are among the victims. government forces have been exploiting the division by increasing air strikes on opposition strongholds in the outskirts of aleppo. representatives of the government and the opposition under pressure to attend an iertional peace conference next week in switzerland's ministers from eleven countries met the leader of the opposition syrian national coalition on sunday in paris. they urged him to send this tendency delegates to the conference you don't drop goal which routed through. there will be no political solution for syria. a list
ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> for on the field news, we turn to the nfl. next week's conference championship matchups are set, new england will travel to denver, that means tom brady and the patriots will meet peyton manning for the third time. the 49ers travel to seattle to face their bitter rival for the third time this season. that's your look at sports this hour. >> getting a fresh start. >> from living the life that i live, i thought by now, i should be dead. >> a unique business that's giving troubled women a second chance at al jazeera america gives you the total news experience >> welcome back to "inside story." i'm ray suarez. two squeaky clean 300 game winners and a big slugger is going to cooperstown. but a long list of stars will wait for the title hall of famer. the which is how long and whether we're coming to common wisdom across athleti
in syria and ahead the important meeting ahead of those talks. some of the possibilities are pushing for prisoner exchanges in the country, and ultimately a cease-fire around the embattled city of aleppo. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire. maybe a legalized cease-fire beginning with aleppo, and both of us have agreed to try to work to see if that could be achieved. the opposition has already agreed that if the assad regime are willing to declare that they would be willing to live up to that. >> kerry and other leaders also discussed easing the flow of aid to the country. focused talks on syria are expected to be held on switzerland later this month. the prospects of a cease-fire in south sudan are growing thin. the government continues deny the release of prisoners. >>> five al jazeera journalists are still being detained. accused of spreading lies harmful o to state security and joining a militia. the other two two journalists are from our sister channels. >>> jonathan martin joins us now from charleston, west virginia, jonathan, i got to w
times" point out, not just syria but yemen, irbahrain, iraq and see iranian forces being put to work. thanks, mark. >> thanks, jenna for having me. jon: there is a new warning out for shoppers already rattled by a massive theft of data from target. what that retailer is now confirming. plus a new report other stores were hit by similar security breaches. the latest on that still ahead. >>> a new book claims bill and hillary clinton kept their own naughty or nice list of which people they consider "friends and enemies" in washington. karl rove joins me to talk about this coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] this m has an accomplished research and analytical group at his disposal. ♪ but even more pressive is how he puts it to work for his clients. ♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i hav
in syria, but many observers are not expecting to achieve much. inside syria al-qaeda linked fighters are making gan gains. now the meeting in russia have come up with some good-will gestures. they've agreed to push the syrian government to ease the flow of aid most affected by firing. they also want a cease-fire around aleppo around the city and focus on the most heaviest fighter. and there is been an agreement to push for prisoner exchanges between the government and opposition groups. let's go live to paris where that meeting is being held. what do you make of the tone then of this meeting? we don't know if the opposition is going to attend. we've got the n.a.t.o. powers pushing for these initiatives. >> time is running out as well. it's nine days to go before the dates they have set between these geneva two talks. they want to stick to that timetable. and there are so many question marks hovering about attendance of the meeting. on the opposition site, who would go on the government side, and who would enter the talks with anything like a common accepted understanding of what this
, calling for an end to the conflict in syria and for the first time publicly he sternly spoke out against abortion. the romeable catholic church has criticized the church in recent months for not forcefully addressing the issue in some of his past interviews. >>> today, survivors of the costa concordia are marcking the second -- marking the second anniversary of the deadly grounding. the crew capsized after hitting a reef killing 32 people on board. the ship's captain is facing manslaughter charges accused of causing the shipwreck and abandoning ship before everyone was evacuated. this morning in the courtroom, survivors and judges marked the day with a moment of silence. in june, the wrecked ship is expected to be removed from the port. >>> four years after a devastating earthquake in haiti, haiti says it's making a comeback. the magnitude 7.0 quake hit followed by aftershocks. there was a memorial service held to mark the anniversary. today, 97% of the rubble left behind by the quake has been removed. now it's working to convince people that haiti is a good place to vacation. the haitia
and syria must come to an end. we are in full agreement that the humanitarian crisis. he's not only affecting millions of syrian people. but also those in neighboring countries like turkey lebanon and jordan. and this dislocation. this disruption is absolutely unacceptable we're in full agreement that the resolution of this conflict. must be peaceful that there isn't a military solution. and we're in full agreement that we need to make it our best efforts from the moment that we announce this. last spring in moscow. for now we must continue our best efforts. in order to try to bring the parties to geneva and forge forward. for all of the reasons i decided we are in full agreement. that we have to do all we can in order to. begin the process of duty. a process that we all understand will be difficult and will take some time. so we must begin we must begin now. in the days leading up to the dialogue that will begin in march for switzerland. the united states will continue to consult or a closely with our international partners including ambassador bridge amy and our russian counterpar
of gates, and even former defense secretary lyon panetta because they criticized syria and russia last year. you said their behavior was unprofessional and unseemly. you really think he should not be writing about his experiences while the president is in obvious?--in office? >> well, certainly he should not be saying some of the things. for example, joe biden has been wrong about all foreign policies the last 40 years. that's not true. he was right about the balkans and the first gulf war and what would happen in iraq. it would fall apart. saying these things, and secretary clinton said she really didn't mean it. that's not the type of stuff, that's beneath him, beneath the office, and most of his predecessors. melvin laird, he waited for 30 years after he left to write an about, you know, what went on. so iris van who resigned when president carter was going to try to rescue the hostages in iran never went out and criticized him. more than that, if he didn't like it, why did he stay? why didn't he speak up? what about his obligation to the men and women that he talks to movingly in the bo
war against egypt palestine and syria occupying their territories and killing their success this battle in history with project extends to the nineteen seventy four where he penetrated the egyptian army minds after they crossed the suez canal and across the world of flying. this is just you and me still in use not just in our new leader but a war criminal. there has been held responsible for the nineteen eighty two massacre in lebanon. the radical change in sharon's policy as prime minister that led into a factor which is revealed sentiments from calls up his only you would as a success for the second intifada and his war record as well. in the region still remembered by. in the second of a small idea that there's no way we would sympathize with them he was actually lucky to escape the seniors crimes in the international criminal court. to me being in a coma for eight years was some sort of punishment. the arab aspirations or political solution to the palestinian prices during after sharon remained the state. a two state solution based in the nineteen sixty seven borders was
diplomatic drive in paris, trying to shore up support ahead of the peace talks on syria later this month. thousands protest in bangkok, the latest move in their push to oust the prime minister. hollywood awards season gets into full swing with the golden globes. let's get the inside scoop on the big winners and losers. also coming up this hour, bad news for man u fans. their midfielder has banged up his knee. we will look at the personal and political fallout from resident francois hollande's rumored affair with -- from president francois hollande's rumored affair. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is continuing his diplomatic push on syria. he met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov today. talksre pushing for peace to take place between the government and opposition later this month in geneva. john kerry just gave a press conference at the u.s. embassy in paris alongside the russian foreign minister. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fire, maybe a localized cease-fire beginning with aleppo. both of us have agreed to try to work to see if th
countries like syria sat down with israel for the first time. operation desert storm also change north korean calculus dramatically. neither israel nor the palestinians would've reached the oslo accord had it not been for the demise of the soviet union. selden anymore to diplomats at the right circumstances for success. neither pakistan nor the taliban have incentives to seek peace when the united states releases taliban prisoners before talks start, or announces timelines for withdrawal. norwell iran believe that it must compromise to the same extent on its nuclear program when it regards american power as being in retreat. hence, iran's backpedaling in recent days about the reactor and what enrichment compromises it has made. leverage has become a dirty word. the state department opposes new sanctions, politicians seeking outreach concur and presidents wave whatever sanctions they have at their disposal. the best example of this involves saddam hussein but in april 1990, the united states expelled an iraqi diplomat involved in a plot to kill dissidents in the united states. in light
iraq. when you look at iraq and syria, you are seeing in al qaeda enclave there, and that is dangerous to national security, not to mention what is happening in a serious, where again, the united states is disengaged. thank god for the saudi's. we are starting to see a little bit of personal there, thank on. -- a little bit of reversal there, thank god. host: michele flournoy, what is your take? guest: i think, actually, we heard from the white house yesterday that the u.s. is redoubling both its diplomatic and its to maliki offers of assistance in terms of intelligence, technical support, military equipment, and so forth, to try to bolster iraq thisbility to deal with renewed threat from al qaeda. i think it ministration is pressing maliki on this issue. i think senator mccain is right that the key issue is maliki and getting him to renew his sunni community to pursue a nuclear reconciliation effort, which, frankly, he hasn't done during his time in office. where i would differ with senator mccain respectfully is on the history. i think this president sought an agreement to keep some
of independence and 67 he had an armor division during the six-day war against egypt and syria and sharon and forces surrounded the third army and turned the tide of the fighting. and he was appointed defense minister in 1981. just in time for israel to invade lebanon the following year and found the defense force responsible for a massacre of palestinian civilians and leading to a reluctant resignation and in 2001 he won a landslide victory for the 11th prime minister. in 2005 he ordered withdraw of the israeli military with settlers from the gaza strip as part of a disengagement plan. in january 2006 and he has been in a coma ever since until saturday when he died. they put the final touches on a temporary deal that freezes much of the nuclear program and here is what the iran agreement entails. starting on january 20 tehran agreed to roll back nuclear production and over six month u.n. will have full access to the nuclear facility. if iran cooperates a permanent deal will be finalized about six months from now. in return iran will get relief from crippling economic sanctions between $6
is not essential. and john kerry at a key meeting today in syria. he added that attending the talks is the only way to a political solution for the conflict which has ripped syria apart for four years. >> developing this morning residents and businesses in some parts of west virginia will like live regain access to their tap water today. officials will issue zones where people can safely drink and clean with that water. customers will need to flush their plumbing systems and run that water. >> cnn has learned that governor chris christie is facing a federal investigation for using millions from a hurricane sandy relief fund for a television ad campaign. the commercials featured the new jersey governor and his family prom -- promoting tourism. this is -- >> and a california nurse credited for saving the life of a united airlines pilot. linda was doing a puzzle while flying home last month when the crew asked if anyone could provide medical assistance. she found the pilot slumped over and she hooked up an iv and used a defibrillator. the co-pilot landed the plane and the pilot survived. >> that is am
, including the war in neighboring syria. the secretary general is expected to talk about the battle between government forces and al-qaeda in iraq. the last week the u.n. condemned the recent attacks by al-qaeda militants. we'll keep watching this story for you. >>> here is what happens when you drive while high. state troopers in colorado say a 23-year-old man was stoned when he slammed into one of their police cars. fortunately, no one was hurt. this is the fifth time this happened in just one month. >> the only explanation is stupidity at this point. we cannot have stupid drivers crashing into our patrol cars. >> troopers say they respect the new marijuana laws, but they say it doesn't give anyone the right to drive while high. >>> this picture really outrageous. the story is even more insane. police in california spotted this van as it was parked over an underground paul tank at a -- fuel tank at a gas station. then they saw a hand come out and close the lid. when cops pulled over the van, they saw this thing inside, a whole system that's rigged up to steal diesel fuel, 275 gallons of i
jazeera, the u.s. and russia needs to decide whether i ran will attend talks on how to end the syria conflict and live in paris and tehran and live in bank cock where the prime minister invited protesters who wander out to talk. and could a 15-minute home test reveal early on set alzheimer's, we take a look. ♪ the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting his russian counterparts in paris and the friends of the group are there to discuss the talks in swirdz land and fighting continues and around 700 people have been killed in nine days of fighting in the city of aleppo and kerry's meet willing be iran's participation in the up coming international peace conference forcier yeah in geneva due to start in ten day's time and we are in tehran to tell us more but we will go to jackie and we expect a press conference with john kerry and how far apart are they in the participation in the peace talks? >> well, there are a couple of points on which there are diverge and view of the russians and u.s. and the russians being close to the syrian regime and the western partners being c
today in paris ahead of a key conference aiming to bring peace to syria. secretary of state john kerry and officials from ten other countries will discuss talks in geneva and how they can encourage syrian opposition to attend the talks. right now the syrian coalition is undecided on attending, but the assad regime says it will take part. >>> new developments in iraq, as the government fights to regain control of a key city. the prime minister now says he will not launch a military assault on fallujah to try to drive out militants linked with al qaeda. he's calling up local residents and tribesmen to lead that fight instead. >>> now to israel, where just hours from now, one of the country's most controversial soldiers and statesmen, also revered in some parts, will be buried. ariel sharon, the former prime minister who spent years in a coma, is being praised and criticized in equal parts this morning, as the memorial service brings world leaders to jerusalem to say their good-byes. ben wedeman is in jerusalem for us this morning. good morning, ben. set the scene for us. >> reporter: yes
ran will attend talks on how to end the syria conflict and live in paris and tehran and live in bank cock where the prime minister invited protesters who wander out to talk. and could a
qaeda in iraq and syria bolster u.s.- iran relations, especially with regard to u.s. nuclear deals? , and is of linkages there a real change in the overall approach? david, you want to start? >> i think certainly as al qaeda puts down deep roots in the euphrates valley and syria and iraq both, the united states is turning to shia allies who are supported by iran and we are now providing weapons, technological gear and lots of advice to the maliki government in baghdad, which is, i don't want to see a -- to say a client of tehran but it's pretty darn close. so you can imagine a situation down the road where the kind of sharing of information that took place after 9/11, if you read ryan crocker's comments on the record in a remarkable article in "the new yorker " several months ago about the head of the kutz force in tehran, rein describes the extent to which he were sharing information with the iranians about the al qaeda threat. again, from what i know, this, unfortunately, is another example of iran's ability to ride several horses at once. it's clear that iran has liaisoned with
and 20,000 tribal political opponents and attacked every nation other than syria and we know what a nation. he gassed entire villages. it is one of the hallmarks to have helped remove him. and we can't be apologietic for removing evil. imagined middle east with saddam hussein in play. brian and i have nothing to regret over what we did over there nothing. >> brian, if you bumped into hillary clinton, i would love to know. what would you like to say to her? >> i would tell them, you know, i think i can speak on behalf of most americans and we are disgraced with having her represent us and the people because, you know, not only is she threw all of our u.s. military under the bus, her and president obama. it is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the united states to have people in public talking about what they have said. i mean, it is uncalled for. and you know, it is time for a change and americans need people who represent them and their ideaed rather than the personal agenda. >> brian, thank you for serving and thank you for being here. and steve, great to have you back and appre
. >>, gob, a discussion about potential global press had this year and including syria. that's coming up, a discussion threatstential global this year including syria. later, washington journal with your calls and the headlines. a look at potential threat from a report by the council on foreign relations including the syrian civil war, violence in afghanistan, and north korea nuclear program are some the top priorities. this runs about one hour and a half. >> let me remind everybody that this meeting is on the record. we want to do this efficiently and let you know that the video and audio will be available on the website. it is my pleasure to introduce the panelists. you have their complete bios on the roster for today's meeting. let me introduce them officially for those people who are watching via videotape. dr. david gordon, who has had a distinguished career. he served as chairman of the national intelligence council and director of policy planning at the state department to read department. thes head of research at eurasia group. have just released a report. i believe you can find
for this person to show up on a piece of film. a guy can shoot a picture in syria and someone in california can see it before it is even exposed. amaidsing. >> imagine the historic news images captured by an amateur made on a smartphone that paints a picture of what news as we have come to see it would look like without photo >> audiences are intelligent and they know that their needs are not being met by american tv news today. >> entire media culture is driven by something that's very very fast... >> there has been a lack of fact based, in depth, serious journalism, and we fill that void... >> there is a huge opportunity for al jazeera america to change thway people look at news. >> we just don't parachute in on a story...quickly talk to a couple of experts and leave... >> one producer may spend 3 or 4 months, digging into a single story... >> at al jazeera, there are resources to alow us as journalists to go in depth and produce the kind of films... the people that you don't see anywhere else on television. >> we intend to reach out to the people who aren't being heard. >>we wanna see the pe
important aspect of today's meeting is that we agree to say that bashar al-assad has no future in syria. the family has no future in syria. the syrian opposition is under strong and conflicting pressures. its international partners are adamant that it should take part in peace talks this month. fighters on the ground reject a formula that could enable bashar al-assad to hold on to power. so the meeting ended without a clear yes or no from the syrian national coalition. the americans and their partners want the geneva talks to take place in 10 days. it's difficult to see how that would happen without an empty seat at the table. >> syria plunged into civil war after 2011 after uprising. the u.s. labelled two libyan groups terrorist organizations for their role in the benghazi attack two years ago. it's the first time the state department blamed someone. >> the groups are not believed to be affiliated with al qaeda, but they pose as big a threat. the attack in benghazi killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> israeli pay their respects to former president ariel sh
. , and weeard this before have been through or one that, wozniak, syria, -- we have been bosnia, syria. that this becomes an afterthought rather than a primary thought, and, quite frankly, i think one of the problems that we have is that those who perpetrate this do not believe the international community will hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity, and unless we make this a real priority, and unless we talk about it and do not put it on the side -- we have to take care of stopping the violence. we do not want to bring up issues that will be devices. we are never going to get the type of attention to accountability for those who against humanity that we need. here 14 many of these crimes against humanity cases. so what can you tell the the unitedthat states, which is always been a leader on these issues, that those who have committed atrocities will be held accountable by the international community? >> thank you for that question, and my answer, i am not sure, will satisfy you, because it is not going to satisfy me. worked in, but having africa for many years, and we
in syria. this is the people the president appealed to the american, congress, the american people that we should intervene on their behalf. he wanted to take the assad regime out, and help the fighters, that are now in the province causing, you know, the issues that we're seeing in iraq right now. the leadership vacuum of the united states military has been filled by iran. that's why the suni tribes don't want to fight. for the government. they don't want to support iran. we were a buffer to the iranian leadership to the i toayatollah and they asked for a standard of forces agreement. it would have eliminated what we are seeing in anbar province. >> there was a question about whether they were going to allow americans to -- >> amnesty. >> exactly. broke down for political reasons. let me ask you this. bah the president has -- seemed to be arguing all along when he was running for re-electionen iraq. a wore he didn't agree with. that was sort of the bad war. he was going to end that one. fight the people who attacked us on 9/11. seeing afghanistan through. now, now we pud olled out. behind
. >>> pushing for peace, trying to get syria's rebels to attend talks. a security breach where three more retailers were hacked. but who? the stores don't have to come forward. >> bangkok in gridlock. trying to shut down a city. >> we begin tonight with iran. an agreement with the islamic republic. it's purpose to fill in the details, the two sides negotiated last november. starting next week on january 20th, iran will begin rolling back its nuclear program to allow the united nations full access. then if iran cooperates, a permanent deal will be finalized. in return, the country will soon get about $7,000,000,000 in seized oil revenue. more now from patty col hawaiian in washington. >> this was the first step taken in november, six countries in iran agreeing to a temporary dole. now, on january 20thsth, a round leaders say they will take action. on that day, they promise to enrich uranium to the 5% level, dismantle the 20% enriched uranium. in return, they get sanctions relief for the oil and gold industry and a let-up on sanctions that have kept up spare parts for cars and airplanes. so
.s. and middle east relations. from egypt to syria to iran. the origins can be traced to this foundational moment when the u.s. established this in the middle east when the cia was there and ran the peace operations. so if you want to understand what is going on now, do you have to know about this area of history. so i thank you very much for your attention. [applause] >> i have two quick questions it was also full of nervous nervous in this area and i think george marshall threatened to resign. it is very unhappy and these people connected with the state department people and my second question is about suez. you talk about that in the book. for these three involved and that somehow? >> thank you, those are great questions. between him and the state department would henderson is important here there's another man called and when right it that was a leading state department arabist that would coach the young archie roosevelt when he first started having assignments in the middle east. and so it is -- it's a widespread phenomenon and there a number of people that believe that an initially opposed
'll be no super highway for terrorism, iraq, the relations th iran would be different. syria would be different, we'd be respected. he threw it all away. >> and as you look, you've written extensively on this contest between the radical islamist and radical civilization. how does this resol itself now? he's committed the united states to withdrawal. we've seen the overrunning of iraq by al qaeda, there will be a further conflict between sunni and shiite, we understand that. and now as we leave, one almost could say abandons afghanistan itself, what is the result of it all? >> the result is that we leave behind a situation which replicates the late 1990s where al qaeda is able to establish safe havens from which they can protect the west. the big problem with iraq was it was incumbent not only on the current administration but the last administration to hammer home to the american people the real reason we needed to be there, whch had nothing to do with building iraqi democracy. it had to do with preventing al qaeda from projecting force. without having made that political case, i think we sort
they became so strong. while in syria al qaeda link to rebels and other opposition groups are engulfed in bloody infighting. the forthcoming the peace talks are under threat from the growing divisions among those aiming to topple us up. boston confidence biting austerity is taking its toll on the leadership with approval ratings hitting a record low for a handful of blocks members. they can dream. they can play. they convey. and every kind of fervor of the prophets. because they don't have to pay. instead it's the taxpayers who make up for politicians mistakes even in the news most efficiently run countries such as germany. and of playing it safe concerns are growing about how athletes and visitors will be protected. russia's upcoming winter olympics. rt is in sochi to see what is being done to secure the olympics host city. on top. adjusting want to read from our studios in moscow this isn't even sean thomas but have you with us. now al qaeda affiliated militants have been occupying key areas in iraq sung by province for over two weeks now. tanks have been deployed in the provincial c
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